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Sep 26, 2013 7:30–11:00pm
Organized by: 100 Copies Music Space
Venue: Townhouse / Rawabet Space for Performing Arts
Address: Nabarawy Street, off Champollion, Downtown
Event Language: Arabic

ReTune Studio is a new music space established in downtown Cairo to promote alternative music productions in Egypt. By encouraging the deconstruction of traditional meanings and values in the local music scene, we aim to act as a driving platform for young Egyptian musicians
In April, ReTune Studio is chaperoning nine musicians and helping them find their own creative process in order to enable the conception of new musical forms.
Over the next few months, ReTune Studio will be supporting and producing new alternative from Hip-hop bands, electronic and sha3bi producers. Our facility is providing them with a professional recording studio, a vinyl cutting station, a music-videos workstation, and most importantly, ReTune Studio will produce a CD compilation presenting the Egyptian alternative music scene.
شركة 100 نسخة للأنتاج و التوزيع )ستوديو ريتيون(
100COPIES MSUC PRODUCTION – 22 talaat harb st. 11511 downtown, Cairo Egypt
Our participants hail from an eclectic range of backgrounds but are all united by their eagerness to redefine and transcend traditional musical forms.