Layali Ma' El Warsha 2 I D CAF17
(This event has passed)

Apr 8, 2017 6:00–10:00pm
Organized by: D-CAF - Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival
Venue: Falaki Theater
Address: Falaki Theatre, American University in Cairo, Downtown Campus, 24 Falaki St., Downtown Cairo, Egypt
Admission: Free Public event

Leila Ma' layali El Warsha( 2) (Switzerland/Egypt)
One Thousand and One Cairo Film | Cairo Cantana | Talk

Musical/Theatre, Film Screening and talk with Jacques Siron 

Come and enjoy this 5 hours performance that mixes between Cairo city sounds, atmosphere, empathy and sense of humor. 

6PM // One Thousand and One Cairo FILM

Both your Eyes and your ears are invited to this party. To enjoy with a touch of dust, of car horns, of heat, of exhaustion and of crowd; with a pinch of empathy; with a hint of humor, of detachment and of bitter-sweet lyricism.
You are invited to enjoy a visual symphony that pays a tribute to the Cairenes, to our way of life, to the fate of our town. Pio Corradi’s stunning images drive the story alongside the contrasting and delightful music played by the Afro Grarage trio.


The actors, singers and musicians of El Warsha interact with Jacques Siron bringing you an unpredictable mishmash that captures Cairo's chaotic character and gives you a taste of the city.

//About Jacques Siron//

Jacques Siron performs onstage with actors, dancers and art performers, mixing activities and media. He focuses on his musical creations, playing mainly improvised music using his double bass and voice. As a composer, he has written for different settings, including symphony orchestras and film scores. He has developed strong ties with Egypt through his films, one of which was shot in Upper Egypt, while the other, titled ‘One Thousand And One Cairo,’ is an evocation of the Egyptian megalopolis. 



This performance is supported by ‎Tamasi Collective, ‎Embassy of Sweden in Cairo-سفارة السويد بالقاهرة ‎, Pro Helvetia Cairo‎‎ and Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft / Confédération Suisse‎.‎