10 tooba I Applied Research on the Built Environment

Mission Statement

10 tooba \ too-bah \ , noun;


 An interdisciplinary group of built environment professionals, with similar roots in architecture and engineering, and developed expertise in anthropology, participatory planning, legislation and policy while working closely with communities in Egypt.


Vision Socially Just and Sustainable Communities in Egypt and the region

Our work focuses on deprived communities and raising the proportion of families living in adequate housing

Mission Meaningful Change and the Production of Knowledge


What we do

10 Tooba works on applied research, where a continuous loop of lessons learned from the ground inform our analysis, and our research informs our applications.



We produce knowledge on the built environment in Egypt with a focus on issues such as housing, urban upgrading, urban history, public space, services and transport. Common threads that cut through our main topics are social justice, sustainability, informality, climate change, urban design & management practices and appropriate technology.

Our research takes the shape of short essays, in-depth reports,and visualisations covering:

Policy analysis

Social assessment

Mapping and interpretation of data


Participatory Planning

We work with deprived communities throughout Egypt with a focus on those in informal areas, rural and peri-urban villages, and historic urban cores.

We produce a range of participatory action plans, from recommendations to full outline plans based on;

Mapping assets, needs

Negotiation between stakeholders

Consensus building among stakeholders