Photo Slide Jam #3: Developing Photojournalism
(This event has passed)

Feb 21, 2014 7:00pm
Organized by: Photopia
Venue: Photopia
Address: 15 El Somal Street
behind Vodafone
Korba, Heliopolis
Admission: free

Photopia is proud to host the third Cairo Slide Jam #3 on its premises in Heliopolis. Cairo Slide Jam was founded by British/Egyptian photographer Laura El-Tantawy.

El-Tantawy is represented by the prestigious VII Photo Agency through its Mentor Program.

The event is about photographers gathering, each one showing his work and briefly discussing their work/project being shown and then show the work via projector.

Slide Jam invites a guest curator for each event. Our gathering takes place each month, alternating between our guest hosts Photopia and the CIC (Contemporary Image Collective). Photopia is excited to host the February Slide Jam at its hub.

Our guest curator for the February Slide Jam#3 is photographer David Degner. He has chosen the theme of "Developing Photojournalism" - fine art and commercial photography in Egypt as his focus.

Developing Photojournalism:
After an intense period of growth in the Egypt's photojournalism community we need to step back, change our perspective, and widen our view. Get your mind blown by these photographers on the extreme edges of the profession.

Mohammed Ezz
Dominique Mauri
John Perkins
Heba Khalifa
Yasser Alwan
Mireille El Magrissy
Bryonne Dunne
Rena Effendi
Myriam Abdelaziz

Date: February 21
Time: 7pm
Venue: Photopia: 15 Somal St., El Korba, Heliopolis, Cairo
Admission: Free

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