Philosophy of Education: On Becoming a Humanistic Educator
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Apr 10, 2017 10:00am–12:30pm
Apr 10, 2017 5:30–8:00pm
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Jun 12, 2017 10:00am–12:30pm
Jun 12, 2017 5:30–8:00pm
Admission: Course cost: 1500 LE

The moment that we are born, we are classified as humans, yet we rarely find a simple answer to the never asked questions: What is to be a human? Are there any traits that distinguish us among all other creatures? Are they innate or learnt?

"On Becoming a Human: On Becoming a Humanistic Educator" is a course that addresses the above mentioned questions. The course follows inquiry based approach in order to avoid providing participants with ready- tailored answers. Each participant is responsible to start a journey of unlearning, relearning and knowing who s/he is. In order to reach that, participants will be asked dig deeply for their own definition of truth via asking as many questions as they can. The course is an eye- opening to consciousness of why we nowadays suffer, feel isolated, or not happy nor achieved enough. It is like looking in the mirror and finding all the black holes in your sphere that might hinder you from being who you truly are.

While each participant will be responsible for his/ her inner journey, Krishanmaurti Readings and reflections on being human and significance of life will be shared and discussed. Also, Allan Whatts is invited to the course through his voice on "Who we are?". On the other hand, light will be shed on Carl Rogers' critical work "On becoming a human". The course navigates into two layers; the first is the process of disconnecting with what your Fake image is and at the same time connecting with the authentic pieces of you. The second layer is finding an answer for the question: Are you a humanistic Educator?

The course doesn't aim at flooding the participant with information rather than re-discovering your innate compass of being a human taking into consideration the challenges of living in the 3rd world, where being human comes at the bottom of the list.

The course is not only for those who are working at schools or in the field of education, it is rather for everyone who is interested in giving re-birth for themselves and consciously deciding later that their path towards self- actualization would be through empowering oneself and others through education.

The main objectives of the course are as follows:
1-      Identifying the valuable readings of Krishnamaurti, Allan Whatts on significance of life, human and education.
2-      Presenting the humanistic approach in psychology as developed by the psychologist Carl Rogers.
3-      Connecting the humanistic approach with educational practices.
4-      Identifying the teaching- learning practices that facilitate/ hinders effective and mindful education.