Open call to apply for "Abarra" program
(This event has passed)

Jul 17–27, 2014
Organized by: Al Mawred Al Thaqafy [Culture Resource]
Venue: Al Mawred Al Thaqafy [Culture Resource]
Address: Villa No. 11, Street 14B, Sawaress Square, Maadi

"Cultural Resource" invites cultural and artistic independent institutions in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen to participate in this program, which aims to support the institutional structure of these institutions, and make it more consistent and stable, in an effort towards enabling them to play a pivotal role in building democracy, in addition to its primary role in providing services cultural and artistic to large segments of society. 


The program also seeks to develop management skills among managers cultural Arabs, and encourage entrepreneurship and discovery as well as they have to create a space for participants in the program will enable them to exchange experiences and develop joint projects according to their needs.


A maximum of 8 groups / organizations Will be selected to participate in the program through this call. The program lasts until December 2015 and the participating institutions receive the package a variety of services from basic components of the program are designed specifically to meet the needs of each institution separately, and linked to this topic ingredients together in a single frame. 


Components of the program: 

- Grants to support independent institutions with an average of 26 thousand dollars for 12 Chehrhsp evolution of the institution. These grants are allocated to support the administrative and institutional structure can not be used in any activities or programs or projects. 
- Of Directors training in cultural and financial management for the leaders of these institutions includes the development of strategic plans and institutional structure. 
- Technical support is to facilitate access to legal services organizations, or consulting regarding financing, marketing or building websites or organizational and administrative structure or the financial system by Arab and international experts. 
- Networking programs between institutions participating in the program and a program for cultural exchange managers inside and outside the Arab world. 

Eligibility in progress: 

- To submit the request of a group / institution working in the field of culture and the arts in particular, to have a role in the process of political and social change, and clearly seeks to form civil institutions adopt the principles of transparency and accountability and the lack of conflict of interest. 
- To be a group / organization is not-for-profit 
- To have a group / organization is a clear desire in the formation of institutional and administrative structure and a strong legal and sound 
- To have a group / organization a clear vision for her role in the community during the period of political and social change 
- To have a group / organization or artistic vision and distinct cultural vitality 
- To be the group / organization prior practical experience (whether a formal entity or not) 
- Progress is available to legally registered groups or those that have not yet registered 
- To have a group / organization willing to commit to a full program with all the requisite time and effort 


Criteria for selection of groups / organizations: 

Priority groups / organizations that operate outside the major cities and targeted work broad sector of the community especially from socially marginalized groups and economically 

Clarity of purpose and vision of the group / Almasshwalother that you want to set in the community 

The role and impact of the group / organization and its activities in the process of political and social change 

The ability and experience of the founders and officials to manage and achieve the goals of the group / organization 

The clarity of the current administrative system and its suitability to the volume of activities and resources available 

The deadline to apply to participate in the fourth session of the program is Wednesday, August 27th, 2014 at 3:00 pm GMT. 

For more information about the program and the steps and the time frame for its implementation, please download submission guidelines  

Registration link: 


If there are any difficulties or problems in filling out the form or download attachments please email us at:


Will not accept incomplete forms or sent via e-mail. 
Will be sent a letter confirming the completion of fill and load the form and its attachments immediately upon completion of the filling.