Yazaan El-Zo'bi
The Nymphaeum
(This event has passed)

Dec 1, 2013 7:00–9:00pm
Organized by: The Townhouse Gallery
Venue: The Townhouse Gallery
Address: 10 Nabrawy Street (off Champollion Street) Downtown, Cairo
Website: www.facebook.com/events/602526383128695/

"I'm all about nature and how it runs its course, its way, its time. Nature rules supreme. Yes, I’m subscribed to that selflessly. The mere notion of heritage preservation and the depressing future plans for architectural restoration simply nauseate me."

-- Yazaan El-Zo'bi


The Nymphaeum is a futuristic solution for the Gabriel Habib Sakakini Palace in Cairo conceived by Yazaan El-Zo'bi

Primes for production // work in progress ??
6 weeks of production at the Townhouse Gallery, open studio visits with the artist.