Interior Design Crash Course
(This event has passed)

Apr 5–8, 2015
Organized by: Art Café-Egypt
Venue: Art Café-Egypt
Address: 62 road 13, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
Admission: 1010 EGP

Interior Design Crash Course
Sherif Kamal
4 classes – 2,5 hours / 1010 L.E.
For Adults - Begginers
Sunday , Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday From . 11:00am-1:30pm Or from 7:00 - 9:30
Dates: April 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th 2015
Registration and payment before March 31st

Workshop description:
Have you ever thought of adding your own taste to change your own apartment's set up and feared the change? Have you ever dreamed of living in a magazine like home and thought it’s a far dream? Here comes your REAL chance to make all your dreams come true.
Come and join us in our unique Interior Design course where you would be able to achieve all your dreams and make them finally come TRUE!
The basic interior designing course focuses on the basic principles of interior design and is composed in 4 sessions.
Below is a detailed description of the course
Session 1- Colors:
• What does each color symbolize?
• What are the colors that can/can’t go together?
• How to use colors to hide negatives in design
• Colors’ effects on people
Session 2- Style:
• Different furniture styles (i.e. French, American etc.)
• How to create a nice style for your place without spending a lot of money
Session 3- Design:
• What does the word design mean?
• Introduction to important designers whose work has changed the world
Session 4- Sources of beauty:
• How to add a touch of beauty to your place

Instructor profile:
Sherif Kamal is a graduate of Construction Engineering from the Department of Civil Engineering, Cairo University. He studied decorating from the Inch bold School of Design in England; afterwards he worked as a media consultant for several magazines
He was responsible for the interior décor sections in مرايا الناس released in Beirut from 2002- 2006. He also participated as a commentator and host of the Interior Décor segments in various TV programs on several channels including the Egyptian Satellite Channel