Gamifying Your Course Workshop
(This event has passed)

Mar 17, 2016 12:45–2:00pm
Organized by: AUC Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT)
Venue: AUC Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT)
Address: AUC Avenue, P.O Box 74, 5th Settlement, New Cairo 11835
Admission: This Event is open to: AUC community only

Gamifying Your Course Workshop

Library Building, Room 1021, AUC New Cairo


Center for Learning and Teaching


This hands-on workshop will involve participants in applying various gamification techniques that could promote active learning and enhance student interest and engagement. Game-thinking techniques can greatly enhance the student experience and boost their engagement. Adding a “game layer” to a syllabus, course policies, workload, grading system, or learning material can generate products that are very engaging and influential to both the player (student) and the developer of the gamified experience.


In line with the Provost's Teaching Enhancement Initiative, this workshop will count towards the 'Active Learning' certificate. 


Facilitator: Fady Morcos from the School of Sciences and Engineering and the Center for Learning and Teaching


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