Found footage -Cinema Komunisto
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Mar 5–9, 2019
Organized by: Cimatheque
Venue: Cimatheque
Address: 19A ‘Adly Street Floor 5, Apt. 28, Downtown Cairo, Egypt
Admission: Individual Tickets: 25LE "Dreamers: Counternarratives in Cinema" Program Membership Individual: 300LE Student: 200LE
Event Language: Serbo-Croatian, with English subtitles

Found Footage from CMTQ
Duration - 8 min

Cinema Komunisto
Mila Turajlic
Slovenia, 2010
Serbo-Croatian, with English subtitles--100 min

An incredibly well-researched and funny documentary film from Slovenia, filmmaker Turajlic explores the ways in which politics can often corresponded with the illusory powers of cinema. In his attempt to maintain the mirage of a country called Yugoslavia, President Tito invested in a crumbling film industry throughout his reign to underscore the history of a country he attempted to unify, thereby making its cinematic history the official history. Featuring rare footage from dozens of forgotten Yugoslav films, and material from Tito’s private screenings, the documentary recreates the narrative of a country by exploring how it represented itself for decades. Surprisingly, Hollywood stars such as Sofia Loren and Orson Welles took part in this national effort, adding glamour to super-productions financed by the state. Cinema Komunisto offers an invaluable look at a forgotten chapter in history, and the ways in which image representation and a country’s politics are inevitably intertwined.

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