Areas of Focus:
Address: 35 street 8 district 5 area 1, 5th settlement, Cairo, Egypt.
Date of Establishment: 2008
Phone: (+2) 0102-010-0816, (+2) 0102-010-0817

Mission Statement

Please note that there is no update for this initiative since 2015.


Between college degrees, diplomas and self-help books is a field of educational experience which brings the fruits of an interactive learning environment with the diversity of 'how to' knowledge; hence Workshop...ers. The Workshopers agenda aims to bring experts and innovators in their fields to accessible platforms of interactive instruction. The idea is to employ the influx of sensibilities and pace of our time with the quality that comes with face-to-face encounters. Based on our enthusiastic and dedicated research of who's out there saying and doing what, we create a calendar of events to gather those interested for an evening or two to explore a certain theme within a particular field with experts from around the world.