Urban Greens

Mission Statement

Please note that currently all activities take place online for this initiative. Last update is in March 2023. 


Urban Greens is a local business aiming to promote the concept of urban agriculture in the expanding city of Cairo.
Our objective is to create a new food movement that encourages pesticides free, clean ,fresh and local produce. This movement aims at changing the traditional cycle that our food go through and encourages a new contemporary and transparent approach from field to table .

The rapid change in our urban pattern has gradually shifted agricultural practices far away from our continuously growing mega city. Food has to drive hundreds of kilometers, consuming lots of energy in transportation, which usually result in a non fresh produce treated with unknown types and percentages of pesticides and preservatives that diminish its health value. We provide social educational and awareness services in the form of consultancy sessions, courses, workshops and site visits to our existing farms.

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