Transport for Cairo

Areas of Focus:
Address: 4 Road 160, Maadi Al Khabiri Al Gharbeyah, Al Maadi, Cairo Governorate
Date of Establishment: 2015

Mission Statement

Transport for Cairo (TfC) was founded in 2015 with the mission of encouraging the establishment of a sustainable transportation system in Cairo through the production of easily understood maps.


Transport for Cairo (TfC) has a hope and dream to leave a lasting impact on Cairo's public transportation network.

We are trying to understand the complexity that is Cairo, and we believe that a better future where people can move freely, regardless of social or economic level, gender, or physical ability.

TfC directs its efforts to map all formal and informal transportation in Cairo digitally, and release all data openly.

Currently, TfC consists of 8 individuals, with backgrounds from urban planning, engineering, business development, computer science, and economics.

TfC’s purpose is to make the current public transportation sector in Cairo more understandable for consumers in Egypt and professionals in urban planning and development alike.

Since its founding, TfC has released 1 dataset, and is on track to creating a research-consortium to attract grant funding. It has collaborated with multiple stakeholders, including the World Bank, JICA, 10 Tooba and more. Central to TfC’s philosophy is the concept of openness.

We believe that Cairo's future will be better than its past, and that we can make it happen.