Areas of Focus:
Address: Sodic West - Beverly Hills
El Sheikh Zayed
Date of Establishment: 2018
Website: https://www.facebook.com/tanweerculturecenter/
Email: tanweer.ctcedara@gmail.com
Phone: 1124445210
Public Hours:
9:00 am - 9:00 pm except fridays

Mission Statement

Please note that there is no recent update for this initiative. 



Tanweer Center is a new project presented by Edara Company; Edara decided to provide the community with a place where people can interact spiritually & Intellectually, As Tanweer Center is divided into two different divisions : Training & Culture Center, The center aims to develop the mind set of all employees working in the egyptian market & to spread awareness of different cultures through artistic perspective (Art, Dance, Values, Lifestyle, Habits, etc...)

Courses :

    Dancing Classes :
Dance & Spiritually activities is the most enjoyable methods to remove all the negative energy & emotional blocks.

    Art Workshops :
Every Child is an artist but the problem is how to remain an artist when grow up. Tanweer Center offers different kind of art shops (Oil Paintings, Pencil Drawings, hand crafts activities , etc)

    Music :
Music is the greatest communication in the world even if people don’t understand the language that you are singing in, they still know good music when they hear it.

    Film Making :
We offer the opportunity to enhance people’s skills & increase their passion towards the media field & to get chance to take a place in new TV series

    Etiquette Courses
We offer etiquette Courses for kids, adults, Social & Business, as it’s the customary code of polite behavior among people in the society

We present seminars discussing topics of interest (nutrition, health, sports, ... etc)

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