Take Caire Handmade

Areas of Focus:
Address: 10 Mahmoud Bassiouny 5th Floor Apartment 18
Downtown, Cairo
Date of Establishment: 2012
Website: http://www.takecaire.com/home.html
Email: info@takecaire.com
Phone: 02 25754780 - +20 127 583 4365
Public Hours:
11:00 am - 8:00 pm except sunday and friday

Mission Statement

Creating objects telling about human and artistic sharing

/// TakeCaire is an Edition House of handmade design confounded by Sylvie Blanchet, interior designer and Emilie Kartsonas, architect and videographer ///

TakeCaire was born through collaborative work between artisans of Old Cairo and young French design graduates from the prestigious Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD) in Paris. The project constantly explores different techniques and materials offering a range of objects; with each item telling the story of an encounter between two talents, two countries, two skillsets, an encounter between tradition and contemporary research. Our current collections include local materials such as copper, brass, blow glass, and turn wood, recycled cotton and paper…a fraction of the diversity of raw materials available in Egypt.


/// Design through craft ///

TakeCaire expands the possibilities offered by Egyptian artisanal knowhow through an innovative approach integrating design, in all its forms, aesthetic being an end result of a collaborative work on the field in line with the artisans, their talent, the cultural and social context of their community.

/// A label for sustainable design ///

TakeCaire is a label of quality concerned with producing handmade design, beautiful, durable, and beneficial to everyone.

Since 2015, TakeCaire has committed to the United Nations’ Egyptian Global Compact Network, whose mission is to support the private sector’s development of sustainable entrepreneurship. http://www.gcnetworkegypt.org/

Our work comes with a high regard to artisans who dedicate their skills to fabricate with their hands objects for TakeCaire. We bring environmental awareness through the use of recycled materials when possible. Each object is fabricated with local raw materials and by local talents, bearing in mind the empowerment of communities with which we work, men and women alike.

Cairo, a Historical City full of unexpected resources
Cairo is a historical city where artisans, inhabitants and visitors from all horizons cross paths, a megalopolis with an unimagined wealth of raw materials, used since the Pharaonic period, and diversity of traditional know-how

/// TakeCaire is based in Downtown nearby Old Cairo’s artisanal workshops.

The Gallery in Downtown ///

As a first step towards sustaining and giving full meaning to our mission and action, TakeCaire has recently opened a gallery in the heart of Cairo, inside an apartment facing the Cairo Museum and within walking distance from the now iconic Tahrir Square.
Establishing TakeCaire’ s in a 1930’s building is not a coincidence; it is a tribute to the history of Cairo, including its contemporary history, a city resolutely turned towards its future and intimately linked to the multiple layers of its past molding its social and cultural present in an ever so unique way. The Gallery space has been made possible with the kind support of Al-Ismaelia for Real Estate who share TakeCaire’s vision of making Downtown Cairo a cultural hub, a part of the city where creative and positive energies flow, a springboard to creativity sublimated through tradition and innovation

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