Mission Statement


“Because every picture has a story to tell we take pleasure in preserving your memories to pass on to generations to come.”

SEERA (سيرة) is a production company specialized in honoring your
personal history.

We all have those dusty boxes that house precious memories in the form of black & white images, VHS tapes, even microfilm. All of these contain storylines that remain scattered, untold and uncelebrated, unless we choose to bring them to life. SEERA brings all this to life by producing high quality documentary biography films and/or websites.

We believe that memoirs, personal accounts and chronicles are precious gifts that should be cherished by future generations. We created SEERA (سيرة) to safeguard your family heritage because so many influential people in our lives go unrecognized and their valuable experiences fail to be passed on. This process of knowledge transfer should not be confined solely to the business world. Family stories and history contain valuable insights into what we believe in, what we value and what we have sacrificed for.
In order to preserve your legacy, we produce high quality documentary biographies and websites to build a complete audio-visual tour that honors family members, organizations and businesses.

"When a society or a civilization perishes, one condition can always be found. They forgot where they came from."
-- Carle Sandburg, writer & three-time Pulitzer Prize winner