Seen Films

Areas of Focus:
Address: 6 Hadaaik Street
Thakanat al-Maadi
Cairo 11728
Phone: 02 27510415

Mission Statement


Necessary Cinema


Seen Films is a Cairo-based film house which produces and supports film and media work fulfilling an active role in society's ongoing social and political discourse. Seen endeavors to work for the full representation, self-realization, and positive engagement of all marginalized groups—whether due to gender, urban centrism, economic restriction, or religion.

Seen is interested and works in fields of development, implementation, presentation and distribution of creative projects reaching beyond common aesthetics and confinements of the moving image.

Seen aims to open up cinema and filmmaking to innovative forms of interaction with the public, dealing with topics and stories that are both needed or suggested by society. We seek the development and progress of traditional frameworks of the mainstream media (programs, soap operas, films, documentaries and feature films) to evolve into more crucial and inherent forms.

Lastly, we believe in the innate nature of stories—whether real or imagined—to the moving image. Cinema is the art of the visual story, and all our attention is to promote aesthetic quality and art in these stories. As these stories progress with and by the audience, we reach a common experience, making and screening films, as part of a whole society.