Sane Egypt

Mission Statement


SANE’s mission is to provide a space for participants to creatively engage through experimental learning to develop an artistic and cultural mindset. Additional to being a community that promotes diversity, we also encourage collaboration between all age groups, which produces and celebrates expressive qualities of art. The atmosphere is inspiring, artistic, and efficient for all our members - the minute you enter our space you immediately want to create. 


SANE’s vision is to build a society that is open-minded, courageous, and above all one who thinks outside the box. We do not believe in conventional methods of learning or teaching, since we aim to serve the evolving needs and interests of our community. SANE wants its members to elongate their learning and creative experience by developing their talents beyond our own premises. We aspire to be an idea hub, where inspiration is a daily ingredient that develops into a concrete skill. We hope that we can provide more opportunity for the youth to develop their skills and talents in a way that will benefit society positively. We want all members of our community to have a philosophy of fairness, collaboration, enjoyment, happiness, efficiency, and leadership. Our community aspires to be one where creation is constantly born, where the mind shifts to new dimensions, and most importantly where true learning happens.