Mission Statement

Please note that there is no recent update for this initiative. 




Though commonly known as the God of the afterlife, Osiris, was in fact regarded as the God of Love, and most importantly as the God of Resurrection, Immortality, and the ancient king who taught Egyptians the art of civilization and agriculture. We chose Osiris, not just for the regal aspect of it, but also for the philosophy behind it. We strongly believe that the art scene in Egypt today is craving a channel through which it can communicate and prosper. A faucet where young independent artists can plant their creative seeds, watch it germinate into new horizons, and to eventually resurrect Egyptian art. Art, is the immortal blueprint of any civilization, and it's only natural for Egypt, as the oldest most ancient civilization known to mankind, to possess more than a few number of places which can provide such a playground for artists.

May all Egyptian Art prosper and outlast us all.


Osiris' mission is to build more bridges between young art performers and what they need to evolve and grow artistically through our organized training courses and workshops that will leverage their potential and artistic knowledge as well as boost their talents. This will eventually lead to higher quality performances presented to the Egyptian audience, and raising the bar of their artistic perceptions. Lastly, steering the wheel towards a whole new sophisticated level of an artistic renaissance.


Our vision in Osiris is to restore Egypt's leading role in the artistic movement throughout the Arab region, by providing the Egyptian artists with equal growth opportunities and empowering them with the right educational and training tools which will enable them to face any of the artistic process challenges. Once well trained, these artists will be able to improve society and raising Egypt's winning flag high.

An attempt for art resurrection in Egypt