Mayadin al-Tahrir

Mission Statement

In January and February 2011, the people of Egypt gathered together in Tahrir Square in a flood of protest and determination for change. Meaning “squares of liberation” in Arabic, Mayadin al-Tahrir seeks to create spaces in Egypt where the momentum of Tahrir can be revived.

Inspired by this historical moment of liberation, the founders of Mayadin al-Tahrir e.V. harnessed the energy and spirit of the time and banded together to create an organization dedicated to actively support positive ventures in new Egypt. Focused on enhancing the rights and possibilities of marginalized groups of society, Mayadin al-Tahrir e.V. fosters educational, cultural, and development projects, community-building activities, as well as free and transparent dialogue.

Drawing on the initiative and creativity of the people, Mayadin al-Tahrir e.V. invests in the empowerment of Egyptian women and youth through its projects. Its most comprehensive project to date, the Matariya Project involves the creation of spaces for education and creative development for women and children in one of Cairo’s poorest neighborhoods. A library has been opened, and an abandoned roof is being ecologically reconstructed to provide classrooms and a garden.

In Berlin, Mayadin al-Tahrir e.V. hosts lectures, events and exhibitions highlighting Egyptian politics and culture. With the goal of creating awareness and increasing tolerance, these events are an attempt to enhance the visibility of, attention to, and knowledge about the present situation in Egypt.

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