Masterpeace Egypt

Areas of Focus:
Address: 9 Osman Buildings, Suite 131-Maadi Corniche, Cairo, Egypt
Phone: +20-2-25257540

Mission Statement

‘Creating peace. Together.’

This is our objective. The campaign was officially launched in Cairo Egypt as well as Utrecht, Netherlands, the city of the " Utrecht Peace Treaty" under the motto ‘Creating Peace. Together’ on the International Day of Peace (21 September) in 2011.

From that moment on, three years of positive actions, web activities, community initiatives, art projects in conflict areas, and beyond have been developed! All these activities happening globally will evolve towards a very special apotheosis 'MasterPeace in Concert' MiC, which will occur on the International Day of Peace in 2014. 

In this event, most important artists of the countries and regions currently in conflict with each other - the 'Bonos of conflict areas' - are to perform there together. To open up fists and hearts. To celebrate unity and international cooperation. And to give peace workers new courage, whether they are on site or via the live broadcast. 

You cannot buy a ticket to be there. You can earn a ticket by working concretely towards peace in the period up to 2014. In that year, 20.14, we will have mobilised 20 million people worldwide to 'embrace’ the 14 main conflicts. And that mobilisation and commitment starts NOW.