General Egyptian Book Organization

Mission Statement

Please note that there is no recent update for this initiative.


One of the missions of the Revolution of July, 1952 was cultural development in order to go hand in hand with the general plan of the state, so planning was to establish a governmental cultural authority that would assume the responsibilities of the Ministry of Culture in the fields of writing, translation and publishing. Since 1961, people have been thinking about how to establish this body, and it passed in several forms under many names through the republican decrees that were issued from 1961 to 1994 until the Egyptian General Book Authority became in its present form. The main goal of establishing a major cultural body the size of the Writers' Association was to narrow the cultural gap between Egypt and the peoples of the developed world through the concerted efforts of the sectors of the Ministry of Culture to achieve more sophistication and progress and in a manner befitting the name of Egypt and its civilization. following: Provide all facilities for the definition of Arab and international intellectual production. Reprinting what can be achieved from heritage books so that it is accessible to those interested in culture. Authoring and translating cultural books at the regional and global levels. Printing, publishing and marketing the Egyptian book at the local, Arab and international levels. In order to implement these goals, a publishing plan was developed that takes place in several stages during the year, taking into account the coverage of all the reading needs of the community, which fills a void in the Arab library, and this requires preparing the following: Preparing detailed lists of books whose validity for publication is determined according to the general framework allowed for publication. Preparing extensive marketing studies regarding publishing trends prevailing in Egypt, Arab and foreign countries. Allocating committees that examine submitted works impartially to determine the validity of the books for publication, and each committee examines the creations submitted to it, each through its allocation, and these committees are under the chairmanship of the chairman.