Areas of Focus:
Address: Maspeero Television Building, Nile Corniche
Date of Establishment: 2008
Phone: 0100 190 26 00
Public Hours:
Sunday to Thursday 10 am to 6pm. Closed Friday and Saturday
Number of Staff: 4

Mission Statement

GebRaa is a social enterprise located at the Greek campus, downtown Cairo. aiming to protect the traditional Egyptian crafts at risk. GebRaa helps Egyptian marginalized artisans find new markets for their threatened crafts, so they would feel economically & socially empowered & appreciated. GebRaa works to promote succession in disappearing crafts by offering training to artisans, aiming to inspire pride in their cultural heritage, and supporting product development to match the needs of socially conscious local and international customers striving for unique production.
60% of profits generated by GebRaa would go to fund activities of Karama NGO(under construction) for community development and heritage preservation. GebRaa is a 2011 winner of SEED initiative (UNDP, UNEP and IUCN) and a 2013 winner of Development Marketplace (ILO,World Bank among others).