Areas of Focus:
Address: 4 el-Golf St., Maadi, Cairo
Date of Establishment: 2014
Phone: 02 23580316 - 1027934890
Public Hours:
1:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Mission Statement

Together Fun for Fann
A center to teach different forms of visual and performing arts with highly qualified instructors and professional trainers.
We are an inspiring community of professional artists all striving to lead you through your learning journey, nurture your talent and support you reach your fullest potential within a friendly atmosphere full of knowledge, practice and fun!
Our enthusiasm for arts and our beliefs in the power of arts in human development as well as the development of communities and societies encouraged us to establish our ans learning center to contribute to the creative learning of individuals and the improvement of the quality of different artistic forms presented to the public.


We aim to make learning art, in its finest quality, available for all people.


Our main goal is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of art that is being offered to the general public and give the real image of art as an ultimate value in the simplest way.

Our courses:
ForFann offers a wide range of arts lessons for children, teens and adults. All levels are welcome, whether you are just starting, intermediate or advanced, our instructors will tailor lessons to meet your needs. Private and group lessons are available for all ages.
Our main courses include but not limited to:
Music: music theory , Piano, Guitar, Base, Violin, Percussion, Vocal/singing and more.
Visual arts: Painting/drawing, Mosaic, Fashion
Performing arts: contemporary dance, yoga, American salsa

Ma:adi road 9 # 4, flat #1 with a private entrance, after 100 meters from Mercedes service center.
Downtown 80 Gamal Al Din Abou Al Mahasen second floor flat # 5,in front of AL Salam theater.
Ma:adi 02 23580316
Downtown 02 27934890