El Nahda - Jesuit Cairo (Association de la Renaissance Culturelle et Scientifique)

Mission Statement

The enchanting qualities of visual cultre allow it to embed itself in people's minds and imaginations irrespective of their cultral or educational back grounds.


El- Nahda Association for Scientific and Cultural Renaissance there fore places a strong emphasis on visual culture as a powerful tool in development.

NAHDA Cultural and Scientific Association was established in 1998 in Cairo and it is registered in Egypt with the number 4499. It came out of an initiative of Jesuit priests and brothers and some Muslim and Christian people interested in cultural, civil and artistic life in Egypt as well as and many other subjects involving the Egyptian citizens.

The Association began its work by taking into consideration the role of culture in human development. Therefore it attempts to create connections between the creativity and the discovery of hidden energies in each citizen.

After realizing some cultural activities without being legally recognized, the founders of the Association decided to step through the legal procedures to register it in order to ensure a continuity of its activities and a fully cooperation with the society.

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