Civic Pole

Mission Statement

The CIVIC POLE project of the Prague based Association for International Affairs (AMO) aims to lend support to the wave of enthusiasm for citizen participation in public affairs in Egyptian civil society. The project concentrates on elaborating reform narratives and agenda through training, capacity building and networking of young writers and debaters in Egypt's regions.


CIVIC POLE is a website and a strategy for citizen participation. For the successful reform process to succeed, citizens need to actively participate in it. The basic participation consists in formulating citizen's needs and demands locally and erecting them so into political agendas. For that, citizens need to develop skills, among them public communication skills, be it writing or debating. CIVIC POLE aims to assist existing efforts in creating an empowerment structure for local initiatives: it is being built up as a publication space, a network, an event agenda, a democrat's library and a continuing source of skill acquisition.