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Mission Statement

Cairo 360 is a multi-award winning online magazine which serves as the leading critical guide to living in Cairo, Egypt. Developed by multimedia specialists Media Republic, the site is aimed at Cairene’s and carries reviews and features of all the latest venues Cairo has to offer from restaurants and nightspots to art galleries and shopping. Cairo 360 also provides a comprehensive guide to events, and cinema listings, as well as ideas for travelling on weekends and a complete guide to home entertainment including DVD’s, music, and books.


A message from the Cairo 360 team

We at Cairo 360 are committed to bringing you the good, the bad and the ugly of Egypt’s capital. Whether it’s dining, shopping, arts and culture, health and fitness or entertainment, we bring you reviews and features from every corner of Cairo.

What’s our aim? To be the most comprehensive provider of a content rich, credible online guide for this fantastic city, where the possibilities for fun and entertainment are endless.


We always do our reviews anonymously, we’re always fair and honest and, most importantly, we always pick up our own check. No agendas, no bias, no favouritism – it’s the Cairo 360 way.


Although we love Cairo’s unpredictability, we always carefully analyse a venue’s service, product quality, originality and experience, holding these characteristics to the high standards of our readers – be it a small local cafe or a big international shopping chain. There will always, of course, be a disparity between the high end venues of the city and the local ones, so all of our reviews and ratings are relevant to factors such as value for money, convenience and expectation.


Any and all censure in our articles is based on fact and our reviewers’ experience at the time of their visit. We never make assumptions or base our critique on conjecture. Subsequently, we never hold any kind of prejudice against the venues we review. It’s quite the contrary, actually. As an online publication, it’s our aim and our pleasure to promote and celebrate Cairo. We have nothing but love for local ventures, projects and startups, and we love seeing the world’s biggest brands come to the city.


We can only tell you about our own experiences; it’s up to you to decide. Above all else, we pride ourselves on:

Unrivalled editorial quality & integrity

At Cairo 360 we all have a passion for consuming media. We’ve applied this hunger for quality and editorial integrity into our publication to create a truly excellent, and distinctive online city guide unlike anything else available in Egypt.


A unique voice

Our huge roster of writers comprised of ‘seasoned veterans’ of Cairo tell it how it is. Our articles are fun, edgy, and above all else, the god honest truth.


Truly comprehensive coverage

Our editorial goes beyond simple news, reviews, and features. We also cover home entertainment, and provide a complete directory of venues in Cairo, as well as cinema listings and showing times.