Mission Statement

Bedayat is a unique community center and one of a kind co-working space. Bedayat is here to give all the Egyptian youth all the help they need to turn their dreams into action, develop their ideas, believe more in their talents, grow their businesses and become exactly the change they would like to see in the future. Bedayat is a workspace that grows with you!


 The place includes a: 

– A beautifully appointed outdoor area to hold Open Mic nights, music performances, events and activities. 

– A comfortable room that is pleasant to spend time in.

–  A study room where you can find the suitable ambience to finish your assignments.

–  Are you looking for an adequate place to give lectures, sessions or organize workshops? You will find it at Bedayat.

–  Looking for something different? Come find the craziest themed spaceship at Bedayat where you will be best positioned to brainstorm, come up with new innovative ideas and enjoy some self reflection.

– Trace your roots back to history and enjoy Bedayat’s cultural events.

Generally, celebrating cultural events can be exciting, enriching, but expensive. At Bedayat, It will never cost you a fortune to enjoy a cultural themed event. 

– Are you an artist? Do you play piano, violin, guitar, harmonica or any other musical instrument? Are you into handcrafts? Do you write or recite poems? Looking for Drama, Theatre, Acting classes?  Visit Bedayat Art and cultural center and get the most out of it. 

– Are you exhausted? Swamped with a lot of ongoing tasks at work, school or university? Take some time off at Bedayat’s big hammock which offers a change of scene and allows you to recharge your batteries. 

– You can also take a sip of your favourite drink or enjoy a cup of a bedouin tea and chill in Bedayat’s Arabesque corner.