Azraq w Buny Art Gallery

Areas of Focus:
Address: 11 Gamal Salem, Ad Doqi, Giza Governorate
Date of Establishment: 2012
Phone: 0102 694 1926
Public Hours:
1:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Mission Statement

Please note that this initiative has closed its premises but is still working online.



"Azraq W Buny"

is a Handicraft project started online since 2012,Working on designs and produces handicraft paper work and clay necklaces.
In October 2015 we had our own place in Dokki, and we started supporting all handicraft artists in Egypt, and this opened a lot of opportunities for a lot of Egyptian artists to present their art and to be known.

Every 3 months we announce an open call Bazaar for all the handicraft artists to participate with no fees.

Azraq W Buny is an artistic gallery which has a lot of unique artistic pieces. Not only that, we offer artistic workshops as well ( leather products - embroidery art - painting on leather - Mosaic - Accessories - collage art - ink painting techniques and more ..