Areas of Focus:
Address: 19 Street 151, Maadi
Date of Establishment: 2008
Phone: 02-25280213, 01270073888
Public Hours:
9:00 am - 5:00 pm except weekends

Mission Statement

The Association for Women’s Total Advancement and Development (AWTAD) is an NGO dedicated to the professional and personal development of women and youth to empower them on both the social and economic levels.

Through trainings, workshops, mentoring programs and knowledge-sharing sessions, we aim at creating a trust-based network that facilitates the exchange of ideas and know-how. We believe these exchanges are essential to give women and youth the needed encouragement to materialize their business ideas, feeding on a culture of entrepreneurship which AWTAD strongly supports and actively works on.



We aim for Egyptian women and youth to reach their full potential, as we believe they are key agents for social, economic, and health development.



To, empower and engage the community, as well as to mobilize the role of women and youth as key development agents, by effectively managing Egypt’s human capital.



Our strategy involves enabling women specifically, and youth more generally, to collaborate in pursuing mutual goals. We work with different sectors and organizations to target common areas of interest, and coordinate on multiple levels with all our programs and partners



UP Communities

AWTAD brings to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Egypt after years of working with entrepreneurs its latest master piece – “UP Communities” Those communities will invite the entrepreneurs in from the time they start, through sustainment and until growth. As an active member of this community we will pick and boost the skills needed.


Job Ready

Job Ready is a partnership program between the International Labor Organization (ILO) and AWTAD to help bridge the gap between the human capital needs of Egyptian companies and job-seeking graduates.


Anamel Masrya

The Anamel Masriya program seeks to contribute to the economic development of local artisans and to the preservation of Egypt’s unique cultural heritage through the creation of a new generation of entrepreneurial artisans ready to take their talent to the next level.