Art Square Academy

Areas of Focus:
Address: 5 Sayed Afifi St., From Nabil El Wakkad, Al Golf, Ard El Golf, Cairo Governorate
Date of Establishment: 2012
Phone: 0122 238 3721 - 02-22-910-118
Public Hours:
Saturday to Wednesday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm, Thursday 10am to 5pm, Friday is off

Mission Statement

Art Square Academy is a professional, fashion science and art, education and consultation centre based in Egypt. It was founded in 2012 by Sherine Heshmat, who was the Head of Fashion Design Department at the Fashion Design Centre in Egypt for 9 years.


Art Square Academy provides all varieties of fashion and art courses for professional adults and juniors, such as; fine arts, fashion designing, fashion styling, pattern making, draping, photography, accessories and interior designing. The academy also provides consultation services, for companies and individuals, in fashion designing, fashion styling, fashion production, graphic designing and interior designing.
Art Square Academy delivers high quality of academic education in all fashion and art fields, by recruiting professional instructors with practical field knowledge to ensure the best material and experience is delivered to our students.



Our vision is to become the ideal platform for fashion science and art education, in Egypt and to make the largest contribution of time and talent to help graduate fashion designers, interior designer, artists and scholars.



To deliver high academic fashion and art training and consultation to our students and to maintain high level of customer satisfaction by recruiting the best instructors and providing the optimal level of educational & consultation service, in a friendly environment.