Art Mania

Areas of Focus:
Address: Galleria 40 Mall, 26 July Corridor, ElSheikh Zayed
Date of Establishment: 2013
Phone: 0128 593 5573
Public Hours:
Friday: 2 AM to 9 PM, Saturday: 10 AM to 10 PM, Sunday to Wednesday: 4 PM to 10 PM

Mission Statement

Art Mania is a music learning center that was established in 2013 where we believe that Talents are like plants that need to fed and get good care to grow. then they can glow like stars in the music sky.
We believe that our role in teaching this decent art MUSIC is to provide the up to date academic curriculums, introduced by talented and well-educated teachers while maintaining a cozy artistic atmosphere that helps our students unleashing their talents and fly with harmonies and deep beats.

We offer Music lessons, we have our own equipped Studio for jamming and rehearsals, also we sell music instruments through our store.


-Music Lessons:
Classic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Oud, Violin, Drums, Kanun, Percussion, Flute, Music Theory, Vocals, and more…

-Jamming Studio: Our studio is sound proof and equipped with state-of-the –art equipment: Drums, Sound System, Microphones, Guitar Amplifiers and a Bass Amplifier.

-Our Store: Please visit our music shop for various offers on instruments and accessories