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Mission Statement

Please note that there is no update for this initiative since 2016.


ArchiCinema is a well-rounded education association that establishes a foundation for lifelong learning.

you can choose any one and conect us to know more about the degrees we offer as Architecture-cinema school .

ArchiCinema #EDU Experinces : 
1. Films Architecture analysis .
2. Sensing Architecture .
3. Narration.
4. Designed Environments.
5. Art& Architecture.
6. Architecture & Bussiness.
7. Appling Designs Methods .
8. Architecture Photography .
9. Architecture Filmmaking.
10.A & C theories .

Architecture is a life style . Here you will enjoy anew architecture experience , Blurring the boundaries between it and our daily life .

It is A beautifully way of learning to the architects and who interested in the architecture.

The architect mental image Experience we get to explode our own design skills , to give our best out . 
That will feed back to ( Architects ,Engineers, Designer , Directors , Artists , Photographers , fashion designers ... and any one who interested for sure in ART )
Raising up your imagination and Creativity to be close to the most adorable design solutions .

The Architecture could be the kind of Ultimate Combination of the creative interest we had & the realistic world we live , Here we analyse the mind of the architect ..
How they create a whole Universe from scratch .

Story how I started discover my own sense in ArchiCinema : 

Here we go :) 

Architecture is a life in itself.Through my deliberate interest in movies and watching their diversified types through following up with Cinematic realms; whether Western or Eastern Egyptian, ect. which are rich in values and architectural embellishment worth meditating on.

Our approaches to beauty may differ from one to another, as beauty does exist in all our surroundings, it just takes both sensing and translating suc beauty into creative masterpieces. Such creation would need the audience to approach it with the same perspective.

Accordinly, I started off with a preliminary experiment of analyzing the life in a movie based on hypothetical world as simulation of real world. So it's reality analysis and what comes beyond close to both virtual design and architect's mental image.

So I got to a preliminary way of analyzing architecture in Cinema through every approach according to the need. Through my self-study and going deeper into Joseph Koisinski's, the director and designer, experiment. Such experiment happened to be called the virtual designer.

Therefore, I happened to locate a special way to blend both designer's mind into the movie designer's internal mind, so as to go through the same experiment. Here lies the exterior designer's creation and his own distinguished vision reflected in such experiment.

" I am Enjoying touch your Creativity , Leading you to another world by your seen & Involving our Mental Image between each others .. It's A new architecture Experience even for me ; Every time is anew one " 

Heba Ragab
Director & Instructor ArchiMovie Workshops

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