18.213 Cairo

Mission Statement

There was a space. That was once an art gallery. Then a freelance marketing office. That decided to stand for something bigger. A place where great stories can be shared. Stories created by people that love what they do. 

I design experiential branding strategies and Pop-Up launch eventsfor brands that have purpose and intention. Ideas that change the way we work, learn, communicate and connect. 

18.213  brings an entrepreneur's idea to life.

You might think 18.213 is a series of random numbers. Its not. Its the address of my space in Cairo, Egypt.  Why? Because it sparks up a different kind of conversation. 

My entrepreneurial experience blended with the exposure of living in 3 different continents,  has shown that companies that are remembered are those that function with a clear purpose and are committed to making a difference in people’s lives.

I love ideas that matter. I keep exploring till I find an entrepreneur that has a big dream.  I listen. And listen some more. Then the magic begins. I discover that special ingredient that makes an idea stand out. And then I create a performance where you get to experience not only the story but the person behind it.

18.213 inspires entrepreneurs to tell their story differently. We do it boldly. With loads of passion. And its real.